How to prevent serving .git directory on web

Recently while working on a web based project which runs on apache2 on EC2 Linux server, PHP, MySQL, using git as a source version control system(VCS), i was able to access the .git repository from browser like¬† Why is it bad to keep .git folder on server and accessible on production servers? When deploying any … Continue reading How to prevent serving .git directory on web


Gulpjs – A quick Walkthrough

Today i came across with some amazing and powerful features of Gulp.js(Open source). Its a task runner and a powerful feature of nodejs. Gulp uses node.js streams. Its easy to use and have some useful api. What is Gulp? Its is a fast and intuitive streaming build tool built on Node.js. Gulp is a Task … Continue reading Gulpjs – A quick Walkthrough

How To Set Up Apache Virtual Host on Ubuntu

Apache web server is the most common and popular in web arena. It has an awesome feature of customization and running websites using virtualhosts. In this article we will know how to setup virtualhost on apache on Ubuntu(14.04 currently i am using). We will setup "" which will actually point to "/home/<username>/sites/" Before we start … Continue reading How To Set Up Apache Virtual Host on Ubuntu