Using MySQL Utilities Workbench Script mysqldbcompare To Compare Two Databases In Replication

Scripting MySQL

In my last two posts, I wrote about setting up replication with MySQL 5.6 using Global Transaction Identifiers. Even when I set up replication “the old-fashioned way“, one thought always enters my mind – did all of the data copy over to the slave? And, even after the master/slave has been running for a while, I am always wondering if the data in the slave matches the master. Or did the change that I made to that table make it over to the slave? It is probably more of a case of paranoia on my part, as MySQL replication is very reliable and works really well.

A few months ago, I started writing about the MySQL Utilities. If you haven’t heard about the MySQL Utilities:

“MySQL Utilities is a package of utilities that are used for maintenance and administration of MySQL servers. These utilities encapsulate a set…

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